How to Make Milk Tea

For those who want to include healthy proteins and vitamins in their diet, making milk tea is a great idea. This is a great way to get your daily protein dose without fat. For vegetarians and non-vegetarians, milk tea is a great alternative to cheese or other dairy products. You can combine any combination of ingredients you want to create a delicious mix. Making your own milk tea recipe is easy.

How to make milk tea, one of my all time favorite drinks, is the greatest invention in the world. Whether we are discussing its local form or its modern form, the spirit of this drink and the story around it is an amazing and easily accessible part of the contemporary world. The style and story associated with Milk Tea reminds thousands of people at a glance.

Here are the steps to making milk tea:

Step 1: Boil water

Boil 1.5 cups of water on top of the stove or use an electric kettle with a temperature setting, set the water temperature to 208 F.

Use filtered water for the best flavored tea. The better the water tastes, the more tea tastes.

Step 2: Heat a cup of tea.

Pour half a cup of boiled water into your teapot and wrap the water around it to heat the teacup. Release the water. Now, your cup of tea is warm tea and it is good to stay warm.

Step 3: Mix tea and hot water in a teacup.

Make a strong cup of tea with 2 tablespoons black tea and a cup of hot water.

I use loose tea, you can use 1 tea sachet or 2 tea bags instead.

Step 4: Cover the teacup and keep it upright for 5 minutes.

We need a strong cup of tea that is deep and dark in color.

Step 5: Pour the tea leaves and pour the hot tea into the teacup.

I use this glass teacup strained on the lid to filter the tea leaves.

Step 6: Add brown sugar.

Pour in your tea and add 1 tsp brown sugar so that it dissolves quickly in the hot tea.

Step 7: Pour half and half.

Now that’s the fun part. Pour half and half and watch as the black tea surrounds.

I use half generously and half (1/4 cup), but feel free to add as much as you want.

Stir a little and it is ready to drink!

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