VoIP calling is fast replacing conventional telephone lines as the preferred business communication mode. Not only is it a cheaper alternative in the longer run, but businesses can also enjoy additional features and benefits such as improved call quality, virtual fax, call recording, call management features, the ability to manage concurrent calls, etc. However, when it comes to further reducing development costs, businesses can opt for open-source VoIP technology such as Asterisk and FreeSWITCH.
FreeSWITCH is a scalable cross-platform open-source technology that developers can use to build and develop robust and diversified VoIP-driven applications and solutions for your business. Here is how businesses benefit from FreeSWITCH development or, in other words, the benefits of opting for FreeSWITCH development.
Improved call handling performance
Better stability from better resource management
Supports a wide range of programming languages (C, JavaScript, C++, Lua, .NET, Python)
Runs based on XML configuration
Scope for scalability
Failover Support

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